If you suffer from acne, you are probably familiar with spending hundreds of dollars on acne medication, special face wash, and creams. Even if your acne has cleared, you may be struggling with scars leftover from your struggles.

If you currently have acne, here are several ways you can try to prevent breakouts in the future:

Beware of your makeup

If your makeup is comedogenic, you are likely making your acne worse. Check for makeup labels that indicate that the product is non-comedogenic and oil-free. Also, if you neglect to wash your makeup off each evening before you go to bed, it becomes easy for your pores to clog and create more acne.

Wash your sheets

If you change your pillowcase and sheets weekly, the dirt and oils from your face and hair will be washed away and will prevent breakouts. Not cleaning your pillowcase regularly allows for dirt to gather and rest on your face while you sleep, particularly if you are a side-sleeper.

Keep your face moisturized

Even if your moisturizer makes your skin feel oily, it is important to keep your skin supple and hydrated. When you wash away the dirt and oils, you are also cleaning away the healthy oils on your face. These need to be replaced with a moisturizer; otherwise, your face will attempt to compensate for the oils you stripped away by producing even more oil. Use a light moisturizer to avoid feeling greasy.

If you still suffer from acne scars, be sure to see the professionals at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. We use both laser and topical products to help lighten scars and improve the appearance of your skin. Call today to learn more about acne prevention and acne scar treatment options.