1. Points for Considering a Non-Surgical Nose Job

    Where a large majority of Americans have responded in studies that they don't really like the size or shape of their nose, many are reluctant to change it. The process of traditional Rhinoplasty is seen as restrictive to many of those who would consider taking steps to change their nose if possible. Because of it's higher costs, long recovery times and possible side effects, many people simply cho…Read More

  2. Is Dermaplaning Right for You?

    Facial scars can do more than just leave us feeling self-conscious and less than confident. They can literally change our lives. Whether from an injury, surgery or skin ailments like acne, scarring can cause those who suffer from it to approach the world in a timid manner and leave them feeling ugly. This lack of confidence can have a marked effect on an individual’s career and social life and l…Read More