1. What Is Hyperhidrosis?

    Hyperhidrosis or polyhidrosis is simply the act of excessive sweating. It’s an issue that affects 2-3% of Americans and can affect areas such as the underarms, palms and soles of the feet, and hands. It’s typical for underarm hyperhidrosis to start in adolescence while sweating of the palm and sole start earlier. Hyperhidrosis can be more than just an annoyance, it can be difficult to perform …Read More

  2. When is a Mole a Mountain of Health Concerns?

    And Should it Be Removed? Who would have guessed that a such a little skin abnormality could cause such concern? Moles, though one of the most common of skin markings, as most people have at least one somewhere on their body, can cause embarrassment, insecurity and even concern about health issues. Though some cultures believe the presence of moles can indicate a person's propensities or even char…Read More

  3. What is a Liquid Facelift?

    Age affects each of us differently, but we all see changes in our faces that take away the youthful fullness we were accustomed to in our younger years. If you have considered cosmetic surgery to help increase your youthful appearance, consider opting instead for a less expensive, less invasive, and quicker procedure: a liquid facelift. What can a liquid facelift do? A liquid facelift can do just …Read More

  4. Shape Up With Ultrashape

    You’ve been going to the gym, watching what you’ve been eating, and putting in an abundance of effort when it comes to your weight loss goals. So why won’t that weight budge? Oftentimes, weight will cling to spots like your stomach because of genetic predispositions or age, and it is extremely difficult to lose this weight with diet and exercise alone. If you find yourself plateauing in your…Read More

  5. 3 Ways to Tackle Your Acne

    If you suffer from acne, you are probably familiar with spending hundreds of dollars on acne medication, special face wash, and creams. Even if your acne has cleared, you may be struggling with scars leftover from your struggles. If you currently have acne, here are several ways you can try to prevent breakouts in the future: Beware of your makeup If your makeup is comedogenic, you are likely maki…Read More

  6. The Cool Benefits of Coolsculpting

    Lost the weight but have those love handles still hanging on? It's a far-t00-common complaint expressed by many. Some of the most stubborn pockets of fat can be found through our mid-torso and through our hips and thighs. For years we have heard the frustrations of those who are within their healthy weight range but continue to be bothered by the bulges and lumps that exercise and diet just don't …Read More

  7. Why Laser Liposuction is Growing in Popularity

    For years, those who were desiring the loss of stubborn fat deposits had to subject themselves to torturous procedures that left them bruised and sore, subjected to high surgery costs and vulnerable to complications. The use of lasers to aid in the diminishing and removal of fat cells has helped progress the liposuction procedure to one that is less invasive, less cost prohibitive and more effecti…Read More

  8. Why is Board-Certification Important

    According to the American Board of Medical Specialties, board certification within a medical specialty is actually a voluntary process. Board certification and medical licensure are two separate entities. A physician who is licensed to practice medicine has completed the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients; board certification shows that that physician has demonstrated …Read More

  9. Avoiding the Knife & Loving the Results

    Refreshing one’s looks doesn't always have to mean “going under the knife”. With today’s choices in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, being able to achieve a fresh and rejuvenated look is possible with a quick office visit. Injectables used for various applications provide help in transforming and restoring facial skin. Botox is undoubtedly the most well-known injectable on the market toda…Read More

  10. What Does a Black Diamond Award Mean?

    Once a year, Allergan, the manufacturer behind the Botox® brand, recognizes a small number of dermatology and skin care clinics for their excellence with their Black Diamond Award. Though based on the number of sales of Botox injections and other cosmetic enhancement products, the award is one of the most prestigious and sought-after within the cosmetic and skin rejuvenation field. Of the approxi…Read More