wrinkle fillers Edina Refreshing one’s looks doesn’t always have to mean “going under the knife”. With today’s choices in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, being able to achieve a fresh and rejuvenated look is possible with a quick office visit. Injectables used for various applications provide help in transforming and restoring facial skin.

Botox is undoubtedly the most well-known injectable on the market today. Currently approved for use in 85 countries around the world, Botox is used to ease suffering from a number of physical maladies. In the United States, Botox is most often used for the treatment of facial wrinkles and lines. The average age of a Botox patient is between 40 and 59 years old and approximately 3 million people use Botox annually with results lasting up to about 8 months. Botox injections smooth out the lines between the eyes, erases forehead wrinkles and practically removes crows feet around the eyes for a younger more vibrant look. The medicinal applications of Botox have been proven to help with a variety of health issues including migraines, crossed eyes and excessive sweating.

Juvederm Edina Juvederm is another injectable facial filler that is growing in popularity. Juvederm helps to soften folds and reduce wrinkles. Approved primarily for the use of removing smile lines and creases around the mouth, Juvederm is sometimes also used as a lip augmentation product. For those suffering from scars or hollow areas on their face, Juvederm has shown effectiveness in treating those issues too. Juvederm XC combines the effectiveness of Juvederm in gel form with lidocaine which makes injections less painful.

Our goal at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic of Edina is to refresh faces and reshape bodies while continuing to enhance each patient’s measure of self-confidence. To accomplish this, we are committed to using the finest, most current and effective equipment and products available. Through unparalleled customer service in a compassionate and relaxing environment, our trusted team strives to surpass expectations while providing each patient natural-looking, flattering results.