dreamstime_xxl_34014657If you have journeyed into our last blog, you learned fun and interesting facts about why our lips are so oh so fabulous. We want to continue on the lip train and supply you with more fun facts about lips for you to show off to your hunny, friends, or just have saved in your back pocket for trivia night.

Skin Rejuvenation in Minneapolis is a great resource for anyone not feeling like themselves. If you are a victim of thinning lips for whatever reason, come to our clinic! We have dermal fillers available to give you a nice, natural, glamorous look you have always wanted.

Thinning Lips is No Bueno

As we have stated above, thinning lips is a common probably when women begin to age. Lips retain their shape mostly because of collagen. When the body starts to age, the production of this important component in our lips diminishes. Another factor in thinning lips is from sun exposure; make sure you are always putting sunscreen on your lips when you are going out into the sun, they will thank you for it! However, if you fall victim to thinning lips, we can help you with our amazing dermal fillers.

Your Lips Have More Muscles Than You Think

When we start to pucker up our lips for a kiss, silly picture, or to play a musical instrument, there is a lot going on. The main muscle you are using for this action is the orbicularis oris. This is a complex collection of muscles that are circled around your mouth. It has four independent areas that connect to give the circular impression.

Don’t Sweat It

Even after an intense workout, hot summers day, or cooking a giant meal in a tiny kitchen, your lips will stay dry. Lips don’t sweat; this is simply because they don’t contain sweat glands. The only downside to this cool fact is that this makes the lips dry more often because they also can’t retain moisture. Make sure you always have some good chapstick handy for any occasion.

Our lips are a fascinating part of our facial features and we always want you to feel the best about yours. If your lips aren’t making you happy anymore, come to Skin Rejuvenation in Minneapolis! We have a professional and warm staff to make you feel at ease when using our dermal fillers. Schedule your appointment today!