dreamstime_xxl_6800781 (1)For women, having full, luxurious lips is definitely a high priority. With current trendsetters like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, and many others, their lips say it all. Full lips give you a lot of options to wear the gloss and lipstick that you want, make you feel sexy, and make you feel great about yourself when you look into a mirror.

At Skin Rejuvenation in Minneapolis, we understand that this is something that you are pining for. We can help you achieve your ultimate glamor look with our dermal fillers. Unfortunately, as we age our lips tend to thin out, and this is something we are not accustomed to. We can give you the natural look of your lips that you miss, or even pump them up so you can be as sexy as ever. Here are some facts about your lips you likely don’t know about!

Our Lips Are Our Own

Even though other species have lips, ours are very unique. Human lips are the only lips to have a distinct border. This is called the vermillion border and it is displaying the transition between the skin and pinkish red colors of the lips. So, even though other animals have lips, they don’t make a statement quite like ours! Make a bigger statement with our dermal fillers for yours!

Lips Help You Choose Your Boo

Lips have an important role in helping us find mates, aka significant others. We might not know it, but when we lock lips we are actually exchanging out biological information. We, as a reflex, sniff each other’s pheromones. Ladies, apparently we like men who have different immune systems than our own, and we can thank the subconscious detective work our nose and lips use to figure out if a man’s musk is up to snuff.

Big Lips Equal Big Reward

According to science, big lips are for the win. Men tend to be more attracted to women who have slightly larger lips. However, we are attracted to men with medium sized lips. Ladies, if you feel your lips are too thin for your liking, come enjoy our dermal fillers!

Red Is Best

The skin of your lips is one of the thinner areas of skin on the body. Your lips only have about five layers where most of the body has 16. The reason your lips appear red is because blood is rushing through the blood vessels underneath. Red lips appear more prominent in people with paler skin.

So, women of Minnesota, as you can see: Our lips are a pretty important part of not only our beauty regimen, but our biology. If you are unhappy with your look and want to receive a much needed boost, check out our dermal fillers by giving us a call or stopping by our Minneapolis location. We have other services as well ranging skin treatments, to body contouring, and injectibles. Skin Rejuvenation is a caring, professional, and safe environment designed to help you achieve the ultimate results.