1. Benefits of Laser Liposuction in Minneapolis

    Now that the holidays have come and gone, many of us are wanting to succeed at our new year's resolutions. Many of us take the time to figure out what we want to accomplish to better our lives within the new year. You may have decided on being healthier and obtaining the body you have always desired. Unfortunately, even with all the hard work, you may need some assistance to get where you want to…Read More

  2. Why Laser Liposuction is Growing in Popularity

    For years, those who were desiring the loss of stubborn fat deposits had to subject themselves to torturous procedures that left them bruised and sore, subjected to high surgery costs and vulnerable to complications. The use of lasers to aid in the diminishing and removal of fat cells has helped progress the liposuction procedure to one that is less invasive, less cost prohibitive and more effecti…Read More