Long made the butt of bad jokes in the movies and on TV, excessive sweating is actually a very serious problem that causes the sufferer embarrassment and frustration as it can effect both their social and professional status. Those who suffer from excessively sweaty palms, along with armpits and feet, may also have problems just performing routine daily tasks that are often taken for granted; including the ability to properly hold tools and utensils or to safely grip the steering wheel of a car. Though there exists both neurological and metabolic reasons for excessive sweating, clinically referred to as hyperhidrosis, most cases occur in relatively healthy people.

Treatment options include the use of prescription or clinical-strength anti-perspirants that block sweat glands and reduces the over-production of sweat, passing electricity through the skin using Iontophoresis in order to alter the production, oral medications, Botox® and in extreme cases, surgery.

Approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of treating excessive underarm sweating, Botox® has been shown to be highly effective in alleviating symptoms. Though currently approved solely for the use in the armpits, various dermatologists and other physicians are using the injectable as a treatment for sweaty palms and feet too as an off-label use. The effects are known to last from four to six months, relieving sufferers of their embarrassing symptoms and allowing them to repeat the procedure when needed.

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