Dry skin is the ultimate nightmare for anyone who likes to take care of their skin. It’s typically an untimely occurrence and can lead to other issues like cracked skin, skin that cuts and scars easily, and dry skin usually becomes dry and will leave flakes everywhere. Nobody wants this! So, how can you avoid it, you may ask? In this blog, we’re going to talk about several ways you can avoid that annoying dry skin and maintain soft, comfortable skin instead.

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Avoid hot showers

It’s okay to take warm showers, however, when hot showers can damage your skin and leave it dry and cracking. Hot showers will remove the natural oil barrier on your body which you need in order to keep moisture in your body to help maintain your smooth skin. Reduce the water temperature while you’re in the shower and don’t stay in there too long. Between five and ten minutes is a good duration to shoot for, and when you get out, don’t rub your skin, gently pat it to get dry. Then apply a moisturizer.

Use a gentle cleanser

If you want smooth, hydrated skin, you should avoid using a cleanser that has soap in it when you are in the shower. Fragrance-free cleansers are usually a great option.and don’t contain antibacterial additives that can damage your skin. Cleansers with ceramides, a molecule that reinforces the outer layer of your skin, can help you block harmful substances, as well as hold in moisture. Another thing to avoid is other substances that contain alcohol. These will dry out your skin as well.

Shave gently

Shaving can be a major contributor to dry skin if done incorrectly. In addition to removing hair, you’re also scraping off oils that keep your skin hydrated and smooth. If you need to shave, make sure you do it after you take a shower when your hair is softer, making shaving easier and less likely to result in losing natural oils that are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Never shave without shaving cream or gel, and shave in the direction that the hair is growing. Dull razors can also lead to irritated skin that will eventually result in it losing its natural oils. Make sure you change your razor blades frequently and soak it in alcohol to clean it.

Avoid sun damage

Sun damage is another major cause of dry skin and skin damage in general such as wrinkles and roughness. One way to avoid this is by wearing a sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. However, don’t be fooled. You should wear sunscreen all-year-around when you go outside. Don’t just wear it on a hot summer day. You can also wear extra clothing to cover up areas of your body where you’re prone to dry skin. But you don’t want to overdress either, if you begin to sweat or get too hot because you have to much clothing, you’ll also irritate your skin. Play it smart and figure out what works for you. Don’t forget your lips either, you should take care to wear chapstick that is also at least SPF 30.

Use a humidifier

Chances are, if the weather isn’t too extreme or if you live in a tropical climate, you won’t need a humidifier. However, if you’re in a naturally dry climate and it’s cold, you’ll want to have a humidifier on hand in your home for when you turn on the heater and the humidity begins to drop quickly. Desktop humidifiers work great and can be kept right on your nightstand next to where you sleep.

Avoid scratching

If you have other dermatological issues, you may be tempted to scratch your skin a lot. This should be avoided at all costs because, just like shaving, it can scrape off natural oils that your skin needs to stay healthy. Find moisturizers that help eliminate itchiness instead of add to it.

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