If you’re someone who loves being outside and enjoying the weather, winter is most likely not for you. The cold and dry weather will most likely be doing a number to your skin, drying it out and possibly leading to cracks and bleeding. When you go inside and crank up the heater, it’ll only make the problem worse. If you want your skin to stay healthy this winter, read on to find out more.


You’ll want to start by cleaning your skin in lukewarm water. It’s tempting to take hot showers or jump in the hot tub during the winter, but you should just stick to lukewarm water because it won’t dry out your skin as much.


After you take a shower, you’ll want to moisturize immediately so that your skin won’t have time to dry out. If your skin is still damp when you begin to moisturize, it will prevent some of the moisture from escaping. However, you need to make sure you choose your moisturizer carefully. A lot of over-the-counter moisturizers have petroleum-based ingredients. These can dry out your skin even more in the winter. You’ll also want to choose a moisturizer with natural ingredients that is oil-based and not water-based. With these lotions, you’ll be sure to eliminate the dry, itchy, and flaky skin that we dread so much!

Wear layers

One of the best things you can do for your skin in the winter is to wear a lot of layers. If you go outside without gloves or a jacket, your skin will constantly be losing moisture. Ever got cracked and bloody hands after being out in the cold for too long? It’s not fun and doesn’t look great either!

Install a humidifier

Installing a humidifier is a really simple way to prevent dry skin. However, if you have a big house, you don’t need to get one for every room. Just try putting one in your bedroom near your bed while you sleep. Not only will your skin look great, but you’ll also sleep a lot better and wake up feeling refreshed!

Drink lots of water

Here’s another really important one. There’s no way to get soft and smooth skin if you aren’t hydrated. In the winter, we tend to focus on hot drinks like coffee and avoid cold drinks. However, if you want to stay healthy, you’ll need to drink more water.

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your skin soft and radiant during the winter. These are great tips for getting started, but if you’re looking for more helpful tips to exfoliate and prepare your skin for winter, read our next blog!

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