It is an interesting, albeit somewhat confusing, factor of growing older: the sudden appearance of hair in odd places. Noses, ears, chins, arms, backs and even feet – all previously devoid of hair – are now all susceptible to the growth of unsightly patches. Luckily, hair removal techniques are more varied and simpler than ever. The use of lasers has made keeping those patches in check, a task that is both quick and relatively painless. With laser hair removal treatments, you’ll be able to kiss the razor, tweezers and the unsightly hair goodbye.

Laser hair removal works by vaporizing the individual hair through the laser’s heat and light. Most patients report slight discomfort, comparing the sensation to small rubber band snaps or tiny warm pinpricks. These pricks are often accompanied by a sulfur type smell. If the area treated is large, like the back or legs, a numbing gel may be applied as the treatment could take more than an hour in these areas. Smaller areas like the lip or chin take just a few minutes and don’t often require pain-reducing techniques. Though there is no downtime after treatment, patients should avoid the sun or tanning equipment of any kind. If you do feel discomfort, a cool compress against the treated area can help reduce the swelling and warmth.

Though the required number of treatments vary between patients, you’re likely to see immediate results with thorough hair removal being expected between two and six treatments. You can expect to be hair-free in the treated area anywhere from several months and even years. What re-growth there is, is usually lighter in color and less dense.

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