Liquid Lift also known as “Liquid FaceLift”

Can the alternative to a surgical facelift come out of a needle?  The “liquid lift” shows promise for erasing the signs of time without surgery.

How it works?
Our liquid lift works by restoring volume by injecting naturally occurring hyaluronic acids or other natural substances under the skin in the areas of the face that have lost volume.

The right filler, or combinations of fillers like Juvederm, Belotero and Radiesse, fill and smooth wrinkles, re-volumize cheek hollows, under eye circles, lines around the nose and mouth and more. The results can be dramatic and with certain products – very long lasting.*

You may have multiple injection sites and some swelling or bruising that lasts for a few days but – no surgery, no incisions and no scars.

*Results vary from patient-to-patient.

*results may vary