dreamstime_xxl_5580546Botox has been a term thrown around a lot in the cosmetic world. A lot of people would never consider it because of needles, in the face, and who wants that? What if we told you that are a lot of benefits to Botox that you may be unaware. Obviously, it’s going to help your skin look and feel tighter, and bring it back to life. But Botox can also help with migraines, and sweat too.

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Minneapolis is a wonderful place for your first, third, or sixth Botox experience. Our professionals are thoroughly trained in Botox injections and will make sure your experience goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. We want you to know some of the amazing benefits Botox has to offer

Can Treat Spasms

Some people suffer from severe spasms of the eye and face. This is an annoyance and when you can’t control it, it gets to be even more bothersome. Botox helps because it’s designed to freeze the muscles within the area the injection is being placed. This will diminish the eye or face spasms and you will be able to be spasm-free.


The newest discovery for Botox benefits is actually to weaken migraines. Experts aren’t exactly sure how Botox helps with eliminating the pain of migraines, but it is said to be that Botox blocks the sensory nerves that cause the pain of a migraine. These sensory nerves are what causes the brain to tell you that you’re in discomfort., but when the nerve pain is eliminated altogether, there is no message for the brain to receive. Botox also causes the muscles in the face to relax and, in turn, makes you less sensitive to the pain.

Excessive Sweating

If you have an issue with sweating profusely at inadequate times, Botox can help greatly improve your condition, and it should last for several months. Other methods to treat hyperhidrosis is prescription anti-perspirants, which are not long-lasting. Botox can help your problem for long periods of time.

Botox can be a great solution if you have migraines, hyperhidrosis, or if you feel your face needs a pick me up. Our Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Minneapolis has a wonderful environment so you can get your Botox injection peacefully and effectively. Schedule your Botox appointment in Minneapolis for Botox today, you will not be disappointed! Also, check out all the other great services we have to offer!