1. You Can Be Ready for Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, and many of us have already hit the mall, bought some new summer clothes and have started putting those winter sweaters and boots into storage. However, for some, despite how excited they are to enjoy warmer weather, they have some reservations about baring skin in shorts and dresses and don’t even want to think about going to the pool. First of all, if you are …Read More

  2. When is a Mole a Mountain of Health Concerns?

    And Should it Be Removed? Who would have guessed that a such a little skin abnormality could cause such concern? Moles, though one of the most common of skin markings, as most people have at least one somewhere on their body, can cause embarrassment, insecurity and even concern about health issues. Though some cultures believe the presence of moles can indicate a person's propensities or even char…Read More