1. Types of rosacea and how our skin rejuvenation helps

    Waking up and looking in the mirror is usually second nature to most people. People with rosacea often find this process in the morning to be a nightmare. Red, splotchy, and broken-out skin is what stares back at them. It makes people suffering from rosacea feel unpleasant and like there is no way out. At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina, we understand your frustration with rosacea. We want to gi…Read More

  2. Relief from Rosacea

    For centuries, much has been made about the sweet blush of color on a young girl's cheek. Considered a sign of innocent sweetness and charm, a rosy blush upon the cheeks can be attractive. In the right doses. For those suffering from rosacea, that tinge of pink, or even red, is no coquettish mark and can even become somewhat painful and embarrassing. According to the National Rosacea Society, rosa…Read More