As we age our body does a lot of changing. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming to process. One big thing we notice are the dark circle under our eyes, which once went away if we got enough sleep, are now sticking around for good. When we look at ourselves in the mirror that’s all we can focus on. This is not something we want to see every day.

Patients before and after of dark under eye circle laser treatment.
Patient before and after dermal filler.


Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, in Edina, is a great resource to help reverse the signs of aging that aren’t necessary. You don’t need to look 15 years older than you already are. We can reverse the effects of the dark circles under your eyes with our dermal fillers or IPL treatment. These are both non-surgical procedures that will fix years of damage, in minutes.

It is imperative to know the two types of dark eye circles and what they mean for your skin rejuvenation and how our skin procedures will help you.

Blue Circles

Blue circles are the result of blood that is oxygenated. It tends to pool beneath the under eye area. The skin under the eye is very thin and it can appear almost translucent. Because of these factors, the blood will tend to show through. As we get older, the circles get bigger and darker because the area of the skin becomes even thinner than before. Our dermal fillers can diminish the blue look under the eye bringing years back to your skin.

Patients before and after of laser skin treatment in Edina.

Patient before and after IPL.


Brown Circles

Brown circles are very different from the aforementioned. Brown circles are results of damage from the environment such as sun exposure or constant eye rubbing Another cause could possibly genetics.This type of condition is called Hyperpigmentation. Something that really helps this type of under eye circle is actually our Photorejuvenation light therapies. The concentrated light will balance out the skin tones, erasing years of sun damage.

Whichever circles you have under your eyes, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina can help you. We want you to feel beautiful, confident and refreshed when it comes to your skin. We have the dermal fillers to help with the blue circles that may be pooling under your eye, or we have the IPL treatment for the brown circles that have been plaguing you. Whatever may be plaguing you, we may have the solution you have been waiting for. Schedule a consultation with us and we can find the right skin rejuvenation for you.