Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Minneapolis. In our last blog, we talked about the main causes of oily skin. We mainly talked about stress and all the facets of reducing stress in your life. This is an important part of improving your skin complexion because we live in a high-stress society and it seems like everything we do contributes to this stress in some way or another. In this blog, we’ll delve into a couple other tips to help you prevent oily skin.

Change Your Diet

That’s right, I went there! You know how people always tell you, “you are what you eat?” Well… they aren’t lying! And if your diet consists of corn dogs and microwaveable pot pies, you’re not going to be a very happy person; and this won’t help your skin at all either. Try eating foods that are known to help improve complexion like eggs, avocados, and garlic. This will help you manage your stress too, so it’s a double whammy.


If you’re in an environment that is very humid, you will sweat and inevitably have oily skin. Humidity and hot weather cause the secretion of sebum in the body which causes oil on the skin. If you don’t clean this off properly, you’re going to be left with oily skin every day. On the other hand, if you live in a cold or arid climate, skin will dry out and not have enough oils to stay healthy. Make sure you know what kind of environment you live in and plan accordingly.


As much as we hate to admit it, skin complexion is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. If someone has larger sebaceous glands, they will produce more oil in their skin, and as a result, their children will have the same issue. Talk to a dermatologist to find the best way to deal with this issue.


You should never feel ashamed to rely on skincare products or procedures to treat your oily skin. Some people have tried everything under the sun with no results and that’s why these products exist. If you do take this route, you need to make sure that the product or service you’re using is good for your skin type, is high quality, and isn’t labeled as oil-free or non-comedogenic. When you use low-quality products, the ingredients tend to be harsher, so your skin may become damaged and produce even more oil which is the exact opposite of what you want!

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