It can be really frustrating to have oily skin. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it if you do. And most important of all, you need to know what is actually causing your oily skin in the first place. Although many people are under the impression that their oily skin is caused by genetics, there are actually several things that may be causing your skin to become this way, in addition to ruining your complexion. According to a board-certified dermatologist, stress, climate, and hormones are all potential causes of oily skin.


Is there anyone out there is okay with where their stress levels are at on a daily basis? Most people answer no to this question. Not only do we realize how bad stress is for us, our general well-being, our sanity, and our ability to get things done, but it can also have an impact on how healthy and beautiful our skin is. According to many dermatologists and doctors, high stress can cause hormonal changes. And although some products can help you target dry or oily skin, there’s no product to help you combat stress — at least not in the way of lotions and creams.

So how do we combat stress on a daily basis to not just improve our skin, but our lives? Here are a couple of things to try out:


Meditate – Meditation can be a great way to relieve stress if you do it right. Many psychologists swear by the beneficial effects of simply sitting straight up for several minutes a day and thinking nothing but positive thoughts — give it a try!

Laugh more – Laughing helps your mood by boosting a chemical called endorphins. Additionally, it lowers cortisol, your body’s stress hormone.

Exercise – Exercising is a well-known way to reduce stress. But this doesn’t necessarily mean high-intensity workouts. Most doctors agree that even walking will help improve mood and reduce stress. Being outside while you exercise is another plus.

Sleep more – The amount of sleep you get at night and your stress levels are directly related. Going through a full workday after getting under seven hours of sleep is a surefire way to boost your stress and make your skin oily.


Find your balance – The truth is, everyone has a different tolerance level for workload. Some people can work 70-hour weeks with no problem while other people have problems keeping up with 40-hour weeks. But it’s important to also take into consideration other things you’re doing that may be causing stress. Although watching TV may seem like the ultimate stress reliever, it can actually contribute a lot to your stress levels if you do it too much. You need to figure out what your stress level cap is and what you can do to keep it in balance at all times.


Getting organized – Sometimes the most stressful thing about our lives is managing everything that’s going on without a schedule or some form of reminder system. But the truth is, most people are terrible at this and need to be more organized. Try making use of reminders or the schedule app on your phone. Trust me, this will reduce your stress so much!

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