As a fairly common skin problem, melasma, and its brown to gray-brown patchy appearance, can be prevented with proper skin protection. Exposure to sunlight triggers the discoloration and sufferers from melasma are most likely to experience patches on their face, though they do appear on other body parts that are frequently exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun. Women are far more likely to experience patches of melasma than are men, with pregnant women being particularly vulnerable to its development. It is seen often enough in expectant women that it is sometimes referred to as “the mask of pregnancy”.

At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, Edina’s premier beauty and day spa, we effectively treat the common issue of melasma with our innovative Broadband Light (BBL) treatments and with our Halo Laser treatment. Though less severe cases of melasma may fade on their own, as is the case when it appears during pregnancy, other more serious instances of the patchy discolorations require treatment in order to fully fade them from facial skin. Dermatologists often prescribe topical medications for melasma but some carry side effects or need to be coupled with other treatments, such as chemical peels to be fully effective.

With innovative techniques and state-of-the-art lasers and light therapy equipment, the skilled technicians at our Edina skin clinic can help fade those melasma patches quickly and effectively. Find out more by calling 952-9200-6545 and scheduling your discreet and confidential appointment today.