Skin Rejuvenation Clinic is proud to offer the most comprehensive body contouring menu in the region!

Allura Laser Liposuction (permanent, minimally-invasive) formerly known as ProLipo Laser Liposuction

CoolSculpting PRO (fat-freezing, non-invasive)

CelluSmooth (cellulite reduction, permanent, minimally-invasive)

ZWave (cellulite reduction, temporary, non-invasive)

Kybella (fat reduction injections for the chin, jowls)


Allura Laser Liposucution

Our contouring treatments include our gold standard minimally-invasive procedure –  Allura laser-assisted liposuction (lipolysis) formerly known as ProLipo Laser Liposuction, which is an ideal method of ablating and removing unwanted fat with fewer risks and less downtime when compared to traditional liposuction. Although it is somewhat similar to treatments such as CoolLipo, SlimLipo and SmartLipo, Allura Laser Liposuction is done with a laser from Sciton and physicians at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic feel that Allura Laser Liposuction offers superior fat reduction with the least amount of side effects.

The Allura Laser Liposuction technique involves the use of fiber-delivered laser energy to the target fatty tissue through small incisions. Depending on the amount of targeted fatty tissue, 1 to 3 liters of fat can potentially be removed during a treatment session*. Also, since the Allura Laser Liposuction procedure is actually removing fat in just one session, we do consider it a “one and done” procedure for most patients.*

Allura Laser Liposuction uses tumescent local anesthesia which does not require general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. There is minimal downtime and many patients return to work in just 2 or 3 days*. In addition to removing fat, Allura Laser Liposuction also tightens skin through its collagen remodeling, which liposuction alone does not do.

Non-Invasive Options

CoolSculpting PRO is a non-invasive technology that reduce unwanted fat over a period of time. An excellent choice for people with mild to moderate pockets of fat in the love handles, abdomen, arms and inner thighs, CoolSculpting PRO requires no incisions or downtime and uses fat freezing technology to reduce unwanted fat.

Treatments for Cellulite Reduction

Lastly, no matter how thin or what your shape or size, cellulite can be an embarrassing concern. Rounding out our body contouring options are two treatments to smooth the unsightly pitted appearance of cellulite. CelluSmooth is a minimally-invasive procedure that is similar to ProLipo laser liposuction. But rather than remove fat, CelluSmooth is a laser procedure that smooths the fibrous uneven fatty tissue just below the skin’s surface that creates the appearance of cellulite. With just a few tiny incisions and a day or two of downtime, CelluSmooth can bring back your swimsuit confidence!

ZWave is a temporary solution for the smoothing of cellulite. This fast and affordable procedure is ideally done in a package of 8 (16 if two legs are treated) and spaced 2-3 days apart. Perfect to do before a big vacation or other event where you need to look your best in shorts or a swimsuit.

**Results may vary from patient-to-patient.