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Neurotoxins Near Minneapolis


Cosmetic Neurotoxins Near Minneapolis

Would you like to slow down the signs of aging? You may want to consider cosmetic treatment using neurotoxins. Commonly known injectables such as Botox and Dysport are great for reducing frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. When these products relax muscle movement, you will notice a younger, more refreshed look. Experience matters, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Minneapolis is in the country’s top 0.1% of all Botox accounts! In our clinic, these products are only administered by highly trained practitioners that deliver the results you desire. 

Am I a Candidate?

What Are Cosmetic Neurotoxins? 

Cosmetic Neurotoxins provide a quick and effective way to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movement. Frequent muscle contractions from squinting, frowning, or raising eyebrows are a few examples of how lines and creases can eventually form.

Neurotoxins work beneath the surface to target this underlying cause of wrinkles. They are “neuromodulators”, that relax the “wrinkle muscles”; they do this by blocking the nerve signals to the muscle that is injected.

These nerve signals are sent from the brain to tell the muscle to move. When these nerve signals are blocked, and your brain doesn’t tell your muscle to move, it won’t, it will stay relaxed.

The end result is diminished lines and wrinkles, and a more refreshed, youthful look. Crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines,  a few of the areas where wrinkles can appear with continued movement, can temporarily be minimalized and diminished so you can look like you, only with fewer facial wrinkles.

Using neurotoxins can even prevent more wrinkles from forming! No downtime is required, and you can return to work immediately after a session is complete. This FDA-approved treatment is extremely effective, painless, and minimally invasive and requires no recovery time.  

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What Areas Are Treatable?

Frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead creases are commonly treated areas of concern. Other areas treated with great success are gummy smiles, bunny lines (lines on the bridge of your nose), and thick bands in the neck.

Neurotoxins can soften a square jawline and lift the corners of the mouth. Lip lines around the mouth, or “smokers lines,” can also be removed. You can also add a Lip flip treatment, to help restore fullness and define your upper lip.

Cobblestone chin and even excessive underarm, hands, or feet sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be successfully alleviated. This treatment does not have to be all or nothing; we can do it without causing the dreaded “frozen look.”

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Benefits of Cosmetic Neurotoxins

Neurotoxins are safe and FDAapproved, giving you a natural and refreshed look, a positive appearance, and a more youthful and relaxed face. It is a quick and effective treatment that takes only 15-20 minutes.

There is little discomfort during the procedure; this minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment requires no anesthesia and takes only a few days to see excellent improvements.

Results last three to six months, and repeated injections can even cause muscle memory to develop, thus enhancing the effects. At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, our trained physicians and injectors are committed to ensuring you get the best results. 

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Types of Neurotoxins

At the time of writing, there are four neurotoxins on the market today that are FDAapproved: Botox, and Dysport. These neurotoxins are all neuromodulators that relax the “wrinkle muscles.” Although different companies make them, they are very similar to each other.

Botox, made by Allergan, has established itself as a critical player in the neurotoxin market and is the most recognized brand. It is FDA-approved to treat forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines, and crow’s feet.

Dysport, headquartered in Switzerland, comes from Galderma and is used for the forehead and other large areas of the body because it spreads to a broader surface area. Dysport is preferred in these areas for this reason.

Some patients see results of using Dysport in just 24 hours, an onset of one or two days earlier than Botox, but both last approximately an equal amount of time. We use Botox and Dysport in our practice.   

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Who is a Candidate for Treatment?

If you want a younger, more refreshed look, neurotoxins are a quick remedy to achieve your desired look. Facial expressions over time can form into wrinkles and make you look angry and tired even though you are not. If you want a younger, more refreshed look, neurotoxins are a quick, safe remedy to achieve your desired look.

If you wish to prevent the onset of lines and wrinkles or remove wrinkles that have already formed, our experienced and trained physicians can create a plan to give you the results you desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Mark is a true artist!

I came in looking old and tired and left looking 5 years younger and well rested 30 minutes later. I had some fillers and botox for my face.

– Connie S.

Excellent service from all parties!  

Excellent service from all parties! I’m extremely pleased with my first Botox injections on my forehead lines, and under eye filler. I look at least 5 years younger, and I feel more confident! I will be back for maintenance and other procedures as needed.

– Crystal H.

I have been extremely satisfied with my experience at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic over the last 2 years.

Dr. Beth is SO unique in that she recommends using just enough products/services to look like a younger version of who you already are, and doesn't try to push products/services at all. She has a very natural look, and I trust that she has given me that as well. She uses her artistic talent, as opposed to using a medicinal, or mechanical, approach.

– Kelley D.

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