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Laser Peel near Minneapolis


MicroLaserPeel treatments near Minneapolis

A MicroLaserPeel is a non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment that removes a thin to deep layer of damaged skin.

This improves skin texture and tone, fine lines, wrinkles, pigment damage, and acne scars to restore your youthful appearance. We also offer similar treatments, such as Arctic Peel and Blizzard Peel that are not as aggressive with less downtime.

Am I a Candidate?

Doctor and Patient Consulting

How it Works


Step 1: Consultation

You’ll come to our comfortable office to speak with a physician or one of our aestheticians about your goals, and how this treatment can help.

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How it Works


Step 2: Treatment Planning

Based on our conversation, we’ll create a treatment plan just for you.

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How it Works


Step 3: Treatment

Your treatment will be in one of our comfortable treatment rooms.

We will apply a topical numbing gel will be applied to help you be as comfortable as possible. Additionally, we use cold air during the treatment to help with discomfort.

One of our physicians will perform the treatment we customized for you.

The treatment is mildly uncomfortable but tolerable.

We will give you an ointment for post-treatment care that you will need to use for the next 1 to 5 days, depending on the depth of the laser peel.

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How it Works


Step 4: Follow up 

Follow-ups are generally recommended in about a month to compare before and after photos.

Procedure At A Glance

Best Results

1 Treatment

Duration of Results

Can Last Years

Treatment Recovery

2-5 days

Risks & Complications



Topical Numbing

Procedure Time

45 Minutes

Medically Qualified

Certified Physician

Back to Work

2-5 Days

Treatment Details

What it Treats

  • Mild-to-moderate wrinkles and fine lines
  • Scars
  • Keratosis
  • Sun damage (e.g., freckles and sunspots)
  • Pigment irregularities


  • More youthful appearing, healthier looking skin
  • Fresher, more even, more vibrant skin
  • Fewer wrinkles, sunspots, and keratosis
  • Improved texture

Click HERE for post care instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate?
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How long will the procedure take?
Is the MicroLaserPeel painful?  
Is there pain or discomfort after the procedure?
What is used for pain management after the procedure?
Do I need a driver?
Do I need a consultation first?
How much does it cost?
When will I start seeing results?


Very good atmosphere and people...

Very good atmosphere and people, professional and amazing quality services, so happy I found this place!

– Isabelle G.

Dr. Beth was incredible...

Dr. Beth was incredible and my results are simply stunning! This was my very first time... and I highly recommend her and her staff!

– Kari B.

Wonderful Staff, caring, kind, super helpful...

Wonderful Staff, caring, kind, super helpful and Doctors are top notch! Would highly recommend Skin Rejuvenation Clinic!!! Ever service imaginable and very high quality care.  One of the best businesses I have dealt with.

– Jana B. 

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