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Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) of Underarms, Hands, and Feet

Botox® for sweat reduction near Minneapolis

Excessive underarm or palm sweating can be an embarrassing problem. It can change the way people see themselves, how they dress, and their self-confidence as excessive sweating can prevent them from presenting their best selves. Botox for Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a practical solution for many that could change your life!

Botox is FDA-approved for treating excessive sweating underarms. We can also use Botox to treat sweating issues in other areas such as the palms of hands or soles of feet. This treatment works by blocking the nerve impulses that activate the sweat glands in the area treated.

Am I a Candidate?

Doctor and Patient Consulting

How it Works


Step 1: Consultation

You’ll come to our comfortable office to speak with a physician about your symptoms, goals, and how this treatment can help.

Doctor and Patient Having a Consultation

How it Works


Step 2: Treatment Planning

Based on our conversation, we’ll tailor a treatment plan just for you.

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How it Works


Step 3: Treatment

Only physicians will perform this treatment. During your treatment, you will have injections under your arms that may feel like tiny pinches. A topical numbing cream and/or ice may be used for these injections as the areas under the arms, hands, and feet are more sensitive than the face.

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How it Works


Step 4: Follow up 

Follow-up appointments as needed.

Procedure At A Glance

Best Results

1 Treatment

Duration of Results

6-12 Months

Treatment Recovery

No Downtime

Risks & Complications




Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Medically Qualified

Certified Physician

Back to Work

Same Day

Treatment Details

What it Treats

This treatment eliminates or reduces excessive sweating:

    • Under the arms
    • Palms of hands
    • Soles of feet


  • Feel the joy of not being “pitted out”
  • Less embarrassment/more self-confidence
  • Be able to wear colors other than just black and white
  • Save the time and expense of laundering or dry cleaning
  • Stop ruining your clothes

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will it take? 
Will I have to take off work?
How long will the procedure take?
Are the injections painful?  
Is there pain or discomfort after the procedure?
Do I need a consultation first?
How much does it cost?
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Everyone at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic is fantastic.

I've been going to see Dr. Beth for years for Botox in my underarms for excessive sweating. It changed my life. Every six months I go in for my injections and the sweating stops completely. Life changing! I cannot recommend Skin Rejuvenation Clinic enough!

– Collin Matheson

I always leave feeling pampered, and pleased! I can't wait until the next time!

I can't wait until the next time!

– Michelle T

Extremely professional, beautiful office...

Extremely professional, beautiful office, down-to-earth staff who truly listen and work through all of your questions and concerns. Love this place, I will go NO where else. Dr. Allison is great!

– Cindal H.

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