What is a Cellulite Treatment?

cellulite treatments near Minneapolis


Cellulite treatments near Minneapolis

While we often wish it might go away on its own, saying goodbye to cellulite just got easier thanks to the cellulite treatment options available at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

Cellulite is a condition where the skin may appear unsightly, bumpy, pitted, and uneven. It is sometimes called orange peel skin, cottage cheese skin, and hail damage. Women are more predisposed to this condition than men (70-80% of women have cellulite). We at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic have been performing cellulite treatments for many years with outstanding success!

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Changes in the underlying structures of the skin cause cellulite as we age and lose or gain weight. The dimples are caused by restricting fibrous bands. The bumps are fat pockets that protrude around the dimples. Heredity also plays a role in developing cellulite.

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I was treated very well...

I was treated very well by both of the people I saw. It was very easy to get an appointment. I would recommend Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to my friends.

– Linda B.

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Very good atmosphere and people, professional and amazing quality services, so happy I found this place!

– Isabelle G.

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Great results, the staff is always friendly and the doctors ensure you are comfortable. I never feel like I'm being pushed to try new services but I do get suggestions when I ask. Also have monthly specials that allow me to try things at a lower cost.

– Sarah L.

Knowledgable, informative, helpful and professional.

Knowledgeable, informative, helpful and professional. Care about your wants and needs and adjust to what works best for you.

– Kian D.

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