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Patients and providers alike favor aesthetic injectables, and for good reason. Whether you’re looking to add volume to your lips, or correct signs of aging, there is so much to love about cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis.

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic performs more cosmetic injectable procedures than 99.9% of other practices in the country! You never have to worry whether or not you’re receiving excellent care. At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, excellent care is a given. So, if you’re curious how cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, keep reading to learn more. 

What are cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis?

An injectable treatment is a non-invasive, in-office aesthetic procedure used to reverse signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss. There are multiple types of cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis that achieve a large variety of results! 

Cosmetic injectables are a fan-favorite for both injectors and patients at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. The treatments are quick, pain-free, and effective at providing natural facial rejuvenation! 

The rundown on dermal fillers

Dermal filler injections are incredibly versatile and provide gorgeous results for our patients. They can smooth and soften wrinkles and fine lines, restore lost volume, and restore or restructure facial features—all without surgery! 

What fillers treat and how they work

Before we dive into the fillers we offer at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, let’s discuss the role of collagen in your skin. Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein. It provides a sort of framework for your skin and is responsible for keeping it firm, smooth, and tight. Without collagen, the skin would simply sag against the skeletal structure. 

As we age, our body naturally slows down the production of collagen. This causes skin laxity, or sagging, and creates hollow spaces typically visible around the cheeks. It can also cause wrinkles and fine lines to worsen. 

When you get a dermal filler treatment at Skin Rejuvenation, your expert injector strategically fills hollow areas to mimic the natural, youthful structure of your skin! It can also tackle aging 

hands, dark circles under the eyes, lost lip volume, and more. 

Types of dermal fillers

There are a few different filler products, and each is suited for specific issues. Your provider may recommend a combination to achieve your desired results. Let’s take a look at the different types of dermal fillers we offer at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

Juvederm Products

This cosmetic injectable near Minneapolis is made of a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body. It is ultra-hydrating and has tons of awesome anti-aging effects. Juvederm is considered the gold standard for dermal filler injectables, and there are a few different options for injections, which include: 

  • Juvederm Ultra

Good for smoothing nasolabial folds, parentheses lines, and marionette lines

  • Juvederm Voluma

Volumizes the cheeks 

  • Juvederm Volbella

Restores lost volume in the lips

  • Juvederm Vollure

Beneficial for nasolabial folds, parentheses lines, marionette lines, and the lips


This particular filler is intended to fill the lost volume in the cheeks. Designed to move with the natural expressions of the face, Restylane gives incredibly natural and beautiful results. 


Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)-based treatment designed to stimulate your skin’s natural production of collagen. Because Sculptra induces collagen growth, results are gradual and long-lasting. You can continue to see results for years following your initial injections! 


Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel microspheres, which contain ions of phosphate and calcium. Phosphate and calcium both naturally occur in the body. 

Radiesse is a particularly effective treatment because over time it actually induces the body’s natural growth of collagen, and eventually, the CaHa absorbs back into your body with no health risks. The collagen your body naturally produced remains, giving your skin natural volume!  

RHA fillers

The RHA injectable collection is a resilient hyaluronic acid injectable near Minneapolis that allows for flawless and dynamic results. This line of injectables is perfect for those who desire natural facial expressions without visible signs of aging.


Like Sculptra, Bellafill dermal fillers help the body produce collagen. This product induces collagen growth for up to five years. 

Using fillers to achieve a non-surgical nose job

A popular application for dermal fillers is a non-surgical nose job. We inject fillers to help correct the appearance of mild crookedness of the nose. Your expert injector strategically injects the filler to reduce the appearance of bumps, raise or add definition to the tip of the nose, and make the nose appear straighter overall! 

before and after of botox treatment

Commonly asked questions about cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis

Is there any downtime involved?

Just like with all cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis, there is no downtime required! You can return home or work immediately following your procedure.

Does it hurt?

Many people refrain from getting cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis because they are worried it might hurt. But the truth is, dermal fillers are virtually pain-free! You may experience a slight pinch at the injection site, but most patients report no discomfort.

Are dermal fillers permanent?

Typically, dermal fillers last anywhere from 9 months to 5 years. Many types of dermal fillers can be reversed or dissolved if necessary, but our patients continue to be exceptionally happy with their results.

Botox and Dysport

Botox and Dysport are two FDA-approved name brands of botulinum neurotoxins. These products work by paralyzing the muscle underneath the skin. Before we go any further, let’s get a better understanding of wrinkles and how they form.

There are two general types of wrinkles: static and dynamic.

Dynamic wrinkles appear when we use facial expressions to emote, but they go away when our faces revert to neutral.

Static wrinkles, on the other hand, are permanent indentations formed by repetitive muscle contractions. These often get worse with age as the muscle underneath the skin continually contracts.

Botox and Dysport function to smooth out static wrinkles like crow’s feet and worry lines by strategically paralyzing the muscle underneath the skin. If the muscle can’t contract, the skin won’t wrinkle. Over time, cosmetic injectables like Botox and Dysport can prevent the formation of wrinkles!

Expert injectors

Skin Rejuvenation is in the top 1% of all cosmetic injectable providers in the country. When you’re in our hands, you’ll never have to worry if you’re getting the absolute best care. Our expert injectors are thoroughly and continually trained in the most advanced injection techniques. This means you’ll always walk away with gorgeous, natural-looking results!

Commonly asked questions about Botox and Dysport

How long is the procedure?

Typically, Botox and Dysport injections take less than 30 minutes. You can get a treatment done during your lunch break!

Is Botox safe?

Botox and Dysport are incredibly safe treatment options. Botox has been FDA-approved for the cosmetic management of dynamic facial wrinkles for over 20 years. 

How long will my results last?

In general, cosmetic botulinum neurotoxin injections last from 2 to 4 months. We recommend coming in every 3 months to maintain results!

The difference between Botox and dermal fillers

Botulinum neurotoxins and dermal fillers work incredibly well together to prevent and alleviate signs of aging. However, their functions are not identical. 

Botox and Dysport overall are better suited for treating wrinkles and fine lines caused by muscle movements. Alternatively, fillers add volume to depressed or hollowed areas and enhance bone structure. Take a look at our recommendations for which to use.

infographic comparing cosmetic injectable use areas

Your provider will make recommendations on treatment plans depending on your aesthetic needs and desired results. 

Combine treatments for total rejuvenation!

If you’ve thought about getting a facelift procedure but you don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure, our liquid facelift could be perfect for you! At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we can combine dermal fillers and botulinum neurotoxins to help you achieve a completely rejuvenated appearance. 

Based on your desired results, we will strategically inject multiple areas to contour and enhance your facial features. You can also include a non-surgical rhinoplasty in this procedure to correct bumpiness on the nose! 

A liquid facelift works to correct:

  • Drooping of the face
  • Saggy jowls
  • Sunken temples
  • Weak chin or jawline

Schedule a consultation today

To customize a treatment plan unique to your skin type and needs, we recommend an initial consultation before any cosmetic injectable treatment near Minneapolis! At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we love the consultation process, as it provides us with an opportunity to get to know your aesthetic preferences and desired outcomes. It is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about cosmetic injectables near Minneapolis. Schedule your consultation today!

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