LiquidLipo is an injectable procedure that permanently reduces or eliminates smaller, localized fat deposits. This treatment is ideal for someone who is a healthy weight but has localized fat deposits that cannot be reduced by exercise and diet.


How does it work?

The procedure requires no incisions, just small injections. The injections change the constitution of the patient’s targeted fat from a solid to a liquid, a process known as Lipolysis. The dissolved fat is expelled from the body naturally during the weeks following the injection of LiqidLipo.

There are certain “problem areas” that are resistant to diet and exercise and now we are able to offer you a non-surgical option in the office to treat these areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, back, arms, neck, and facial areas


Am I a candidate?

Best candidates for LiquidLipo are men and women who are interested in a fat-elimination procedure but don’t want to expose their body to the high heat of a laser or undergo invasive liposuction. LiquidLipo relies on naturally-occurring substances to dissolve the fat: this is a great option for patients interested in reducing fat in areas of their body that can be targeted by the injection. While LiquidLipo effectively initiates fat expulsion from the patient’s body, it is not a recommended solution for patients who want to reduce fat in a large area of their body.

Ideal candidates for this procedure will be within range of their target weight and have already completed the majority of their weight loss. LiquidLipo is not a weight loss solution. Significant weight gain can affect the outcomes achieved by the LiquidLipo.