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Better Booty near Minneapolis

Better Booty 

Better Booty treatments near Minneapolis

Patients looking for the perfect behind can see instant results with the Better Booty! Using Sculptra, this treatment will lift, contour, and stimulate collagen growth, making your behind tighter and smoother. Patients will see an improvement in volume, size, and texture and a reduction in cellulite. Get the booty you have always wanted!

Am I a Candidate?

Doctor and Patient Consulting

How it Works


Step 1: Consultation

The first step in body enhancement is to meet with us in a private consultation.

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How it Works


Step 2: Treatment Planning

Your provider will develop a plan to help you create the look you envision.

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How it Works


Step 3: Treatment

A non-surgical butt lift is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure to augment the derriere. We use injectables to lift and contour the buttocks by stimulating an increase in natural collagen production.

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How it Works


Step 4: Follow up 

Follow-up visits 4 to 6 weeks from treatment.

Procedure At A Glance

Best Results

2+ Treatments

Duration of Results

May Vary

Treatment Recovery

No Downtime

Risks & Complications



Injectable Numbing

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Medically Qualified

Certified Physician

Back to Work

Same Day

Treatment Details

What it Treats

  • Flat behind
  • Cellulite and irregularities in the skin
  • Sunken areas or indents


  • No incisions, no surgery, no extensive recovery period
  • Treatment is complete in less than an hour
  • You may return home immediately after treatment and resume your normal, daily activities
  • Instantly lift the buttocks
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Enhance body contours
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Fill in dimpling, scars and depressions

Click HERE for post care instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the treatment?
How many treatments will I need?
What is the recovery time?
When will I see my results?
How long will my results last?
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Very good atmosphere and people...

Very good atmosphere and people, professional and amazing quality services, so happy I found this place!

– Isabelle G.

Great results, the staff is always friendly!

Great results, the staff is always friendly and the doctors ensure you are comfortable. I never feel like I'm being pushed to try new services but I do get suggestions when I ask. Also have monthly specials that allow me to try things at a lower cost.

– Sarah L.

Love going to this clinic.

Love going to this clinic. Dr. Beth is amazing and the staff is so friendly. You feel like part of the family there. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for amazing results with an amazing team.

– Kerry G.

I love this place!

I love this place! I have been going to skin rejuvenation clinic for years. Everyone there is professional and friendly. Over the years, I have tried a number of treatment on my face and body. My results speak for themselves. I have never been disappointed. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

– Tong J.

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If you have always dreamed of a more shapely derriere, we would love to create your custom treatment plan.

To find out if you are a candidate, call us to book a free consultation.

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