Wouldn’t you like a little more “Moxi” in your life?

Proud to be the FIRST clinic in Minnesota to offer the Moxi, one of the gentlest approach to radiant skin! Moxi provides patients the opportunity to attain incredible results with little to no recovery or downtime while reversing the natural signs of sun damage and aging.  With active patients in mind, this lunchtime treatment can correct uneven pigmentation and improve overall texture and tone in under 30 minutes!  Rejuvenate your skin regardless of the season, your skin type or age!

Why Moxi?

Moxi, our “Mini Halo” was developed for active individuals looking to correct the signs of sun damage, aging and melasma by treating uneven pigmentation and improving the general tone and texture of the skin no matter the season, age or skin type. It is a perfect in between treatment for those wanting more results than SkinPen, but not wanting the downtime of the Halo.

Taking under 30 minutes, this lunchtime treatment has little to no downtime.  Moxi is great for men and women looking to maintain a youthful appearance.  A series of three is recommended.

Is there downtime? Essentially “No”

The day after your treatment your skin may appear red and depending on your level of treatment you may see small dots where the laser was applied.  As you heal, the dots will darken and your skin may feel rough.  Between day 3-5 the dots will slough/fall off revealing the renewed skin beneath.  Because this is a non-ablative treatment, the post care regimen is simple.  Wear a moisturizer, physical sunscreen and stay out of the sun!  You may wear make-up the day after your treatment.


Results vary depending on your treatment goals.  Several days after your skin will flake off revealing fresh, renewed skin beneath.  Collagen is stimulated and the skin will be noticeably improved within a week, full results in 3 months.  We recommend a series of three treatments, with regular maintenance throughout the year.  This treatment is great with accompanied by BBL & Hydrafacials.