Under-Eye Treatments Near Minneapolis

under-eye treatments near Minneapolis

Under-Eye Treatments 

Under-Eye treatments near Minneapolis

When you have under-eye circles, it’s always the first thing you think others see.

Tea bags, cucumbers, and other over-the-counter products do little to reduce the darkness and revive your appearance.  There are many reasons why under-eye circles appear and just as many ways to treat them!

As we age, we lose volume in the under-eye area, and dark, baggy circles start to appear, causing us to look tired and old. They can lower self-confidence and esteem. Sometimes, dark circles are hereditary and passed down from generation to generation. Years of sun damage may also create sunspots and pigment discoloration around the eyes. Regardless of the reason, there IS an effective way to treat them.

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  • Loss of volume in the tear trough area lead to the “grooves or troughs”.
  • Sun exposure, genetics and certain habits like smoking cause pigmentary changes and fine lines.
  • Veins and tiny microscopic vessels under the eyes.
  • “Out-pouching” of fat under the eyes commonly occur as we grow older.

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Excellent service from all parties!  

Excellent service from all parties! I’m extremely pleased with my first Botox injections on my forehead lines, and under eye filler. I look at least 5 years younger, and I feel more confident! I will be back for maintenance and other procedures as needed.

– Crystal H.

My first time ever having any kind of injections...

My first time ever having any kind of injections and it was a great experience! I had filler done for my under eye dark circles. The difference from before to after was incredible. The staff was also very responsive and helpful to any questions I had.

– Firefly

Great results, the staff is always friendly!

Great results, the staff is always friendly and the doctors ensure you are comfortable. I never feel like I'm being pushed to try new services but I do get suggestions when I ask. Also have monthly specials that allow me to try things at a lower cost.

– Sarah L.

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